Design Connects When We Connect

FIRMNESS (Structure) COMMODITY (Function) DELIGHT (Beauty, the Wow Factor)     Quote: “All these must be built with due reference to durability (firmness), convenience (commodity), and beauty (delight).  Durability will be assured when foundations are carried down to the solid ground and materials wisely and liberally selected; convenience, when the arrangement of the apartments is…


CSI: Membership Has It’s Privileges

CSI: Where Have You Been All My Life? I learned about the benefits of CSI  ( only recently, a little over a year ago when engaged in conversation with another practitioner on AIA KnowlegeNet.  In response to a question I’d asked, she explained to me the importance of earning her Master’s Degree in Sustainable Design– besides already being NCARB certified and LEED AP accredited.  Additionally, she shared: “I’m also…


California’s First Lady Architect – Part 1 in Series of 3 Posts

Julia Morgan, AIA   In an online computer literacy class (fall session 2010) at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I created a Powerpoint Presentation dedicated to the life and work of California’s well-renowned first lady architect (and a civil engineer): Julia Morgan, AIA.   Making the Trek In mid-summer 2010, my family and I toured San Simeon, site of the famous William…